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Rosie skiing

Ah.. spring time, tulips and daffodils, sunshine and showers, the time of year when thoughts turn to all the things to get your year off to a good start – like painting Christmas cards!
Yes, you heard correctly, there we were, Rosie and I, the first weekend of March with Christmas tunes on the radio and Rosie wearing gloves and a woolly hat.. and not much else.

I figure that by the time I get round to maybe doing a couple of card ideas, getting them printed and maybe finding someone to sell them to it will probably be Christmas anyway so it made sense to start early. This one was actually fairly quick to turn around, it made me chuckle so I hope it might find an audience of similarly easily amused folk like myself! If anyone’s reading this then do leave a comment or get in touch by email or on facebook and let me know what you think about pinup Christmas cards – is it a good idea or not?

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