Loofah revenge

Rosie bathtime

They say the best beauty products are all natural ones, some of which come from the sea. When attempting to harvest your own do make sure they’ve expired, or else they may take their revenge..
Taking the plunge this time round is the lovely Rosie Ruthless, interrupting her bath time beauty regime for a spot of kraken wrestling.

I can’t believe this is my first painting of the year and it’s the middle of September already! My pin-uppery has taken a bit of a back seat of late so it was really nice to get back to the easel and get down to some paint pushing. I hadn’t realised quite how rusty I was though, this one was a real challenge – it could have easily gone horribly wrong. Not my best work, but given the circumstances perhaps that’s to be expected. I need to keep my eye in a bit more regularly!

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