Jin Igloo warming

Well, it’s that time again for sending inappropriate pictures to friends and family, yes, it’s the Pin-Up Project Christmas Card 2017 edition! This year featuring the lovely Jin N Tonic.
As Jin is a bit of a globe trotting gal, she fit right in to my North Pole igloo warming scene. I doubt they have electric heaters in igloos, this painting is probably why.. As it happens the idea for this one has been kicking around for years, I’d just never found anyone suitable until now. Keep an eye on my zazzle store for this card to go live and get those orders ready in time for the holidays!

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English Summer sketch

I’ve decided to join instagram! So I’m raiding the archives for some interesting material and I’ve dug out some of the original sketches and reference photos to share with you all. I’m starting off with our more usual English summer of rain and misery (unlike the current heat wave)..

This is from back in 2010 with the lovely Rayna Terror. Come on over to my instagram page thepinupprojectarchive for more!

**UPDATE** I closed this account so am currently NOT on instagram. I’ll keep you posted if I change my mind.

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simona Heath Robinson

There’s not many illustrators that can claim to have become part of the English language – it’s therefore my absolute pleasure to offer up this little tribute to Mr.William Heath Robinson on the occasion of the opening of a museum dedicated to his work.
His wonderfully inventive images may have passed into legend for some but his name lives on in every ramshackle, cobbled together contraption in sheds and garages up and down the country.

This is my version of what could have been his “auto-dresser” with the lovely Simona entwined in it’s mechanisms. Not the easiest thing in the world to design, so I salute the genius of HR – long may your ideas entertain!

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sloping off

Rosie skiing

Ah.. spring time, tulips and daffodils, sunshine and showers, the time of year when thoughts turn to all the things to get your year off to a good start – like painting Christmas cards!
Yes, you heard correctly, there we were, Rosie and I, the first weekend of March with Christmas tunes on the radio and Rosie wearing gloves and a woolly hat.. and not much else.

I figure that by the time I get round to maybe doing a couple of card ideas, getting them printed and maybe finding someone to sell them to it will probably be Christmas anyway so it made sense to start early. This one was actually fairly quick to turn around, it made me chuckle so I hope it might find an audience of similarly easily amused folk like myself! If anyone’s reading this then do leave a comment or get in touch by email or on facebook and let me know what you think about pinup Christmas cards – is it a good idea or not?

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Loofah revenge

Rosie bathtime

They say the best beauty products are all natural ones, some of which come from the sea. When attempting to harvest your own do make sure they’ve expired, or else they may take their revenge..
Taking the plunge this time round is the lovely Rosie Ruthless, interrupting her bath time beauty regime for a spot of kraken wrestling.

I can’t believe this is my first painting of the year and it’s the middle of September already! My pin-uppery has taken a bit of a back seat of late so it was really nice to get back to the easel and get down to some paint pushing. I hadn’t realised quite how rusty I was though, this one was a real challenge – it could have easily gone horribly wrong. Not my best work, but given the circumstances perhaps that’s to be expected. I need to keep my eye in a bit more regularly!

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